Travel and Landscape Photography by Torsten Funke 

The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality. - Lorenzo Scott

I think that quotes says it all. Capturing a picture the way I see it, is what satisfies my urge to express my creativity. I always had a creative side and tried to express it in some way and found it in photography some 15 years ago. Based in Barcelona Spain and born in Germany I try to capture the beauty of the nature and landscapes in all possible lights, angles and ways. I enjoy very much traveling to different countries to learn more about the different cultures and its people and to explore its special places.

Inspired by very good friends, various photographers and Youtube vloggers and bloggers I constantly try to improve my skills and the techniques to capture the moment in a natural way and the way I see it.


My portfolio shots from around the world

Travel blogs

Whilst traveling I like to capture my thougths. What is it that makes the situation enjoyable and creates a memory one might not forget anymore?


I am capturing my thoughts and discoveries and try to write it down to create some kind of log-book. 

Youtube channel

Starting off with photography the next creative step was is of course to create moving pictures.


Enjoying very much the force and beauty of the nature I like to capture as well stunning places using timelapse and other techniques.